1A. What does the term "MARKETPLACE" mean? 

The MARKETPLACE is an online commercial space that brings the tourism offering available on Liège Province territory together in one place.

1B. What is OPEN SYSTEM?

The OPEN SYSTEM is a tool that enables tourism service providers to integrate, manage and sell their offering in real time on the Internet.

2.    What is the objective aimed at by the Tourism Federation of the Province of Liège?

-    To become the contact point of reference in the field of e-commerce for all service providers within its territory
-    To improve visibility of the tourism offering on its territory
-    To strengthen collaboration with its partners 
-    To approach local stakeholders and help them to develop their activity
-    To boost tourist numbers in Liège Province 

3.    What are the benefits to me?

-    A high-performance and multilingual online booking solution
-    Multichannel circulation of your offering in real time
-    Direct contact with the customer
-    Independent management of your offering
-    A strong commercial network, in partnership with the FTPL
-    Integration of your offering with complementary "packageable" services online
-    Provision of a personal tool for customer and reservation management
-    A secure payment system

4.     Who's the target audience for this platform?

All service providers who wish to improve the visibility of their offering on the tourism market and to be part of a global e-commerce measure. 

-    Hotels 
-    Camp sites 
-    Gîtes 
-    Guest houses 
-    Guided tours
-    Ticketing  
-    Products (online shop)
-    and others

5.    I'm interested – what do I need to do?

-    Contact us by e-mail at incoming@liegetourisme.be or by phone on weekdays +32 (0)4 237 95 32 or +32 (0)4 237 95 47. You can also return the attached PDF format form to us, duly completed
-    Formalise your membership of the platform by signing an agreement with the Tourism Federation 
-    Take part in the tool training sessions that will be on offer in the Liège region

6.    When will my offering be circulated on the platform?

The FTPL will "send it into production" as soon as the agreement is signed. Your offering will be available online within the next 48 hours.