The Province of Liège, a Territory of Flavours

An explosion of flavours and perfumes, edible products in abundance, our Province's gastronomy draws its inspiration from its Latin and Germanic cultural roots. Among the stars of the regional specialities are the unmissable boulets à la Liégoise, quail, rabbit, salad Liégeoise, Visé style goose, real Liège coffee, the Liège waffle and many other recipes, given a new twist by starred chefs.

The abundance of cold meats, terrines and boudin sausages (more than 30 varieties), whose tradition is perpetuated by our master butchers, farmers and gastronomic brotherhoods, are the result of our environment conjoined with our savoir-faire. Montenau ham, Detry charcuteries in Aubel, Blanc Bleu Belge beefs are so many products of our territory.

In the Visé and Aywaille region, filets of duck, confits, foie gras and many more will thrill fans of authenticity.  The Liège brewing tradition is carried on by some passionate artisanal brewers, who offer some divine nectars including Curtius, Elfique, Warsage, Botresse, Saint-Antoine... Alchemists and kings of festivities for centuries, Liège residents skilfully exploit the natural riches of their land in order to produce exquisite brews such as ciders, pèkèts, wines from the slopes of the Meuse, fruit wines, Elixir de Spa and even a Belgian Single Malt Whisky, which has won international awards! Based on apples and pears from our orchards, sirop de Liège is the unmissable companion to our regional dishes and our famous fromage de Herve, Belgium's only "controlled designation of origin" cheese. Finally, Jean-Philippe Darcis and Jean Galler, artisanal master chocolatiers who enjoy extensive international renown, offer macaroons, Langues de Chats, grand cru chocolates, ice creams and pastries that will seduce the most choosy connoisseurs. There is no doubt that food-lovers and gourmets will try their hand here at new and sensational culinary experiences!