Nature with a capital N is one of the most precious assets around, and... Liège Province has plenty of it! Alongside the 5,000 km of signposted paths, the 13 RAVel cycle tracks including the Vennbahn – a former railway line converted into a cycle path and an international award-winner – reinforce the attraction of open-air tourism. Did you know that the High Fens-Eifel Natural Park, the biggest nature reserve in Belgium, offers everyone the opportunity to encounter peerless countryside with breathtaking panoramas? Managed areas, duckboards, protection periods for nesting and against the risk of fire are imposed on this fragile territory.  In Botrange, la Maison du Parc is the unmissable meeting-point for nature fans; it offers both a stop-off and a point of departure for numerous fen trips, with or without guide, on foot or by coach. Not far from there, in the heart of the Spa forest, at the edge of the Malchamps fen, the Domaine de Bérinzenne and its Museum of the Forest and Waters make up a fascinating and educational setting featuring a very attractive tour that offers an unbeatable and clear view of the local ecological landscape, the departure point for numerous paths for exploring. To the west, the Parc des Vallées de la Burdinale et de la Mehaigne, also a nature reserve, is enchanting with its Hesbay landscapes and Botanic Gardens of Pitet.

Finally, the well-known lakes of La Gileppe, Eupen,  Robertville, Bütgenbach and their impressive flood barriers are so many drinking water reservoirs, nautical and athletic centres, but also holiday sites. More modestly sized, the Warfaaz Lake nevertheless provides opportunities to abandon oneself to the joys of canoeing and pedalo when the sunshine warms us!