The Province of Liège, a real "engine" of Walloon tourism, also draws its touristic wealth from its architectural heritage, which includes the Prince-Bishops' Palace in Liège, the Cathedral of Saint Paul, St Barthélemy Church and its famous baptismal fonts... Added to these are the châteaux of Jehay, Modave, Harzé, Reinhardstein, Burg-Reuland, Raeren with its museum of Pottery... Stavelot Abbey, the former seat of the ecclesiastical principality of Stavelot-Malmedy, is currently home to three museums, among them that of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. As for Val-Dieu Abbey, apart from a tour it also provides an opportunity to sample authentic beers brewed on the site.

Restoring these ancient buildings while bringing out their original beauty enables a better grasp of the future. This heritage by itself is an enticement to explore our region's cultural treasures.

A recognised UNESCO World Heritage Site, Blegny-Mine is the only coal mine open to tours in Europe. Tours of the galleries, located from -30 to -60 metres underground, allow an exploration of the coal extraction process; they are conducted by former miners who, via their testimonies, plunge you into the past, into this everyday life of the "blackfaces". This is an experience not to be missed!


Did you know that the Fortified Position of Liège (PFL), established at the end of 19th century and the target of assaults in 1914 and 1945, still comprises eleven forts that are open to tours? Other memorial sites such as the Huy Citadel, the Cointe Interallied Memorial in Liège are also worth the detour...